For architects, home builders, interior designers and homeowners, there can never be enough choices for interior and exterior walls. More colors? Yes, please. More textures? Of course. More freedom from maintenance? Absolutely!

Even the architect who is credited as the first to suggest that “less is more” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) would most likely favor more, not less choices, in his design palette. It is for this reason that building construction technology continues to evolve. 

The Fusion™ line of thin brick, recently added to the ever-expanding list of innovative products from Acme Brick, is the latest, and some think greatest advancement in clay brick in decades.

Whether your home design preference is farmhouse or modern contemporary, Fusion thinBRIK will be a stunning addition. Click here and get a sneak peek.

Like No Other Thin Brick

Craig Dudley of Acme Brick is an expert on thin brick, and he clearly likes what he sees in the new Fusion product line.

“Fusion is a glazed thin brick,” he said. “And it is offered in various colors by applying a ceramic glazed facing to a previously fired clay thin brick body.  Like all our thinBRIK products, this is a real brick, meeting ASTM C126 specifications, that is fired with the same strict standards of all our brick products. The Fusion body is manufactured and glazed here in the USA.

“The Fusion thinBRIK is available in a modular size (2 ¼” x 7 ⅝” x ⅝”) for ease of interior or exterior design, in both matte and glossy finishes. Corners are also available.”

Click here to see the many colors and styles of Fusion thinBRIK.

How are designers and homeowners using this new thin brick?

“Fusion thinBRIK is a great product selection for backsplashes, feature walls, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds,” he said. “The variety of colors and finishes provide a contemporary look in a modular size product. Maintenance is also easy. This product can be easily washed, and it will be just as stunning as the day it was installed. Plus, as with all thin brick, it is not as heavy as standard brick, making installation easier, quicker and less expensive.”
Craig’s final point - the ease of installation and price – important to the popularity of all thin brick from Acme.

Photo of Fusion thinBRIK installed in a home

History of thinBRIK

When Acme first introduced thinBRIK to the market, more than 10 years ago, the product was an instant hit among innovative architects and designers. They saw, and their clients quickly realized, the many advantages of this slimmed down brick.

At the time of its first introduction, an Acme spokesman presciently noted, “If a homeowner desires an interior brick wall to bring added warmth to an area such as a kitchen or family room, thinBRIK offer several benefits. In this situation with an existing structure, Acme thinBRIK go up quickly with little disruption to the homeowner’s activities and, because of its light weight, no additional wall support is required.

“ThinBRIK uses a wall system that consists of lightweight metal panels where brick are adhered with adhesive and then are secured with traditional mortar. Typically, an interior residential application, such as a contrasting wall, can be installed in one or two days.

“In commercial applications, Acme’s thinBRIK offers similar benefits and even greater savings. For commercial jobs heavy-duty panels are used. These panels are tested to 400’ high at wind loads of 150 mph. This product can be used to greatly enhance a building’s exterior façade at a competitive price.”

In the decade since its introduction, there have been evolutions of this unique product, but none have been more exciting than that of the Fusion thinBRIK.

If you want choices in color and texture in the warm look of brick, Fusion thinBRIK might be right for you. If you need more information on this amazing product, give us a shout or shoot us an email.