Agrob Buchtal

With over 40 years in ceramic facades Agrob Buchtal offers:

  • KeraTwin® -  hollow section elements
  • KerAion® - full body ceramic elements
  • KeraShape® - molded ceramic components

Hytect technology is permanently burned into the ceramic surface at high temperatures. When light falls on the coated tiles, active oxygen is released via photocatalysis. This provides the effect against bacteria and mold. At the same time, Hytect tiles neutralise pollutants in the air in an entirely natural manner. Because they are also hydrophilic, it is hard for dirt or grease to gain a foothold. Each of these effects continues to apply across the entire life cycle of the tiles. And thanks to an extensive range of products, Hytect ceramic can be used in a wide variety of areas.

Kera Twin has particularly efficient laying thanks to the diverse fastening systems available, allowing for nearly unlimited application possibilites. See the color options below. Panels are available glazed and unglazed and are easy to clean thanks to the Hytect coating. Available in a variety of sizes up to large formats of 60 x 180 cm.