Home Design Trends for 2018 – What’s HOT and What’s NOT

The first couple of months of every New Year are primetime for predictions. Everything from dollars (the economy) to donuts (diets) is fair game for the prognosticators in all industries.

For home design, the predictions from the experts at Houzz are always eagerly anticipated. Houzz is a website “which offers products, ideas and names of contractors for home remodeling and decoration projects.” The site recently released its 10 Home Design Trends for 2018 and some home builders and interior designers agree and while others disagree about its conclusions.

In order to get a perspective on the 2018 home design trends for Colorado, Kim Cieplik, a design specialist with Solid Rock Custom Homes, was asked for her insights about what the company’s customers are talking about. Her “real world” research suggests some colorful trends in the coming year!    

A House of a Different Color

“Most people are getting away from the beige neutral tone fad that has been around for the past ten years,”Cieplik said. “Our customers are now asking for more vibrant colors in parts of their homes. There is still a neutral base color, usually a gray or warm gray, but more and more, we are seeing requests for such things as red kitchen cabinets or decorative islands.    

“In most cases, our customers request this new look after they have seen a bright accent color - perhaps in a magazine, HGTV or a design website – but they worry about this additional color being ‘too risky.’ In many cases, we will stay with a neutral color for the kitchen cabinets and then add a vibrant color of granite for the tops. Color choices in the kitchen are driven by the type of entertainers the clients are. If they want that ‘wow’ kitchen, they will go with the bright color accents or customize the cabinets or sink.

“The colors that are trending now are more jewel-toned. This includes deep purple, navy blue and emerald green. 

In its annual ‘color of the year,’ Pantone picked ‘ultra-violet’ (purple) for 2018. This is indicative of the color’s popularity. Purple is a very bold color and it could be an excellent accent wall in, for example, a den that is a deeper color. It would also be a nice accent color for pillows and window coverings.

“There is a caveat emptor on using a bold color like purple. I stress to our clients that an annual color may be too trendy to incorporate on a grand scale. For example, unless they really love the color, it is probably not a good idea to build in purple cabinets. If, after a couple of years, they grow to hate that color, it is very expensive to replace. Replacing a rug or pillows is much different than replacing an entire kitchen!”   

Let This Sink In

Several sources noted a trend towards a different kind of sink in the kitchen and bathroom from the traditional stainless steel or white porcelain. Cieplik noted that this has been going on for the past two to three years in the Solid Rock Custom Home building area.

“A lot of the sinks we are doing are granite or CorStone™ material,” she said. This allows us to have different colors to choose from, depending on the other colors in the kitchen or bath. 

“We also do a lot of hammered copper sinks either as a wet bar or a ‘prep’ sink to add a little pizzazz to the design. This hammered copper look seems to be particularly popular here in Colorado.

“Honestly, I can’t remember the last time we did a traditional stainless steel or white sink. The white sinks we have done in the past, have been in the ‘farmhouse’ style which make sense in a traditional kitchen.  However, in most cases they have been other, warmer colors.”

Brick: Transcending Trends

Because of its authenticity and warm look, brick in custom homes has a rich history that transcends annual trends. Joining their baby boomer parents and grandparents, the younger home buyers, such as millennials, favor brick for both exterior and interior design.

“We have noticed that as the economy gets stronger our customers are more likely to spend a little more on such areas as outdoor kitchens and fire pits where brick is a perfect look,” Cieplik said. “We use the traditional red brick in many areas like fireplaces and accents for kitchens, but I really love the white and gray-toned brick. This color gives another option to the millennial buyer who seems to favor that more modern look.”

“The brick used by many builders in the Denver area is unique because the clay is mined and fired in our plant in Castle Rock,” said Michael Earley of Acme Brick. “In addition to being low-maintenance, this locally-sourced brick adds another group of color options that work with almost every style – from modern to farmhouse to industrial.”

Home Design Trends That Are So Over!

Design trends come and go rapidly, especially those for custom homes. The Solid Rock team has noticed several trends that are definitely done!

“There was a time when everyone wanted a chalkboard wall incorporated in one of their rooms,” Cieplik said. “That trend is over.  Another trend that is over is chevron patterns, or rose-gold or light-colored gold. Finally, I personally think those barn doors that everyone just had to have a few years ago should no longer be on anyone’s design checklist.”

If you’re thinking of building a custom home and you want it to stay fresh, despite the trends, contact Solid Rock Custom Homes for a no-obligation consultation. For more information on the advantages of brick for home construction, contact Michael Earley at Acme Brick.