Case studies

From time to time, Acme Brick Company produces in-depth case studies of recent projects that may be of interest. Highlights of these studies will typically include:

  • selected detail drawings;
  • close-up photography; and
  • unique applications of colors, textures, and patterns.

Recent studies appear below - with thumbnail images and a PDF file for download.

Central Academic Building, Texas A&M San Antonio

This project opens a new chapter for the revered A&M system, and an entire new line for Acme Brick. The expansive campus is a bold commitment to an underserved South Texas population, designed to interpret regional tradition and architectural history in striking ways. Acme Brick worked closely with the design team to create a blade cut brick for a smoother alternative to wire cutting. Now, we are making select blade cut blends available as new options in creative design to take your imagination further.