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Romabio Classico Limewash, Custom Tint
Romabio Classico Limewash, Bianco White
Romabio Classico Limewash, Avorio

Those tastemakers who influence home design trends—bloggers, hosts of home improvement shows, social media mavens, and high-profile architects—are leading the charge toward the “European” look of painted brick. Most of these “influencers” still love the natural warmth of traditional brick, but creative people, like architects, designers, and homeowners who are their clients, crave choices! 

This has led to a groundswell of interest about what the colors, textures, and even the chemical composition of these paints should be. As it turns out, there is a serious safety issue with “painted” brick that many homeowners have never considered. This has led influencers and homeowners to take a long, hard look at mineral-based products such as Romabio limewash.

What This Means For You — It is not only possible but also easy, to have a choice in the look and feel of exterior and interior brick that meets the aesthetic plans of the most demanding homeowners. It starts with Romabio, from Acme Brick. Plus, these mineral-based paints are safer than traditional paint. Click here for details.

What Makes Romabio Different

“Based on the number of customers who click on our stories about ‘painted brick,’ it is clear homeowners are interested in what types of products work best to enhance the look of our brick,” said Britt Stokes of Acme Brick. “Romabio products have fundamentally changed the dynamics of masonry paint. 

“While most paint products are acrylic or latex and use petroleum-based ingredients as their primary binder, Romabio begins with potassium silicate and clean, mineral-based technology for their traditional mineral-based paints. They only manufacture exceptional paints and finishes with the best ingredients available.”

Why is this important to homeowners who want to paint their brick interiors and exteriors? Romabio products are “bio-logical,” and this means they are safer for families and pets that live in the home. Unlike traditional latex paint, Romabio products do not seal the brick, but rather allow it to breathe.

According to Romabio spokesman Matt Hocutt, “Our very name honors our commitment to the environment while acknowledging our Italian roots. It is pronounced ‘Roma/Bio.’ 

“Romabio products are designed and formulated in Italy, addressing traditional paint industry challenges with innovative products, giving consumers solutions not found elsewhere. Classico Limewash formulation is one of a kind as it is the first authentic limewash paint that you can distress easily, but still provides durability and performance,” he said. 

“Romabio does not sacrifice authentic ingredients when creating products for the North American marketplace. Paint must be high-performing and make homes beautiful while lasting over time. We all want materials in our homes that are sustainable and not poorly designed, so we won’t need to replace them every year. Romabio creates quality products using the finest ingredients, keeping the ease of process in mind along with durability, beauty, and air quality.”

white painted brick on the outside of a home

VOCs From Latex Paint Are Dangerous

As the focus on “healthy buildings” continues to grow, many architects, homebuilders, and their clients, the homeowners, have another set of initials to worry about. It’s VOC - volatile organic compounds. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Many VOCs are human-made chemicals that are used and produced in the manufacture of paints, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants. VOCs are often components of petroleum fuels, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners, and dry - cleaning agents. VOCs are common groundwater contaminants.”

The Romabio products are mineral-based and contain no volatile organic compounds.

“The EPA ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to public health, estimating that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the outdoors,” noted Matt Hocutt of Romabio. “Yet current laws and regulations do not fully regulate the contaminants and chemicals in paint.

“Romabio Paints are all eco-friendly, tested for toxins, and safe for pets, people, and the planet. Historically, limewashes have always been environmentally better than traditional paints and easier to dispose of.” 

Find Romabio Products at Acme Brick

It is appropriate that Romabio paint for brick is available from one of America’s most respected brick manufacturers. Stokes notes, “Acme offers both limewash and masonry paint for those who want to change the look of their brickwork. 

Classico Limewash creates that charming old-world feel with a freshly painted look, but because some of the brick remains exposed, the warmth and quality endure. All it takes is a single coat for absorbent, unpainted brick, stone, or another masonry, with no primer needed. Specially formulated to be easily manipulated in the first five days of application, you can test the product and see the results with no risk. Once it calcifies to the surface, it is breathable and will not seal the brick or stone, ensuring that it doesn't peel, chip, or flake off. 

BioDomus I & II are mineral-based, breathable paints that will not seal the masonry surface. Unlike acrylic or latex, they will not peel, chip, or flake off. Both BioDomus I and BioDomus II are high-performing paints that are inherently the same except for the finish they create.

  • BioDomus I produces a flat finish.
  • BioDomus II has a slight aggregate in it to create a textured look on smooth brick or a smoother finish on a rough surface.

Color possibilities are almost unlimited,” Stokes added. “As you can match other color palettes or choose from over 200 colors in the Romabio color deck. With a high UV resistance, a breathable wall, and a 20-year warranty, the performance of these products is made to last.”

The German Schmear

Home design influencers are raving about a new way to show off this distressed brick look—the German Schmear—and these Romabio mineral-based paints are ideal for this process. This is a simple DIY project that can completely change the look and feel of any brick wall.

The technique uses wet mortar or Romabio limewash applied to brick and partially wiped off before drying. This style gives the appearance of uneven mortar joints, reminiscent of old cottage homes and castles in Germany.

Click here for a great “how to” video for a stunning German Schmear.


Romabio limewash and mineral-based paints are perfect for giving brick that subtle elegance many homeowners want. Plus, they are eco-friendly. If you’re an architect, interior designer, builder, or homeowner, click here to talk to the painted-brick experts at Acme Brick.